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Westmoreland-Notable Personalities

Sir Clifford Campbell, Jamaica’s first native Governor-General, was a school teacher at Petersfield in the parish.

Westmoreland is home to the Clarke family that has, for some time, been a leader in the industrial and commercial life of this parish. They founded the Westmoreland Building Society. Oliver Clarke is the Chairman of the Gleaner Company.

Peter Tosh, noted musician, former member of the ‘Wailers’

Lady Gladyse Bustamante nee Longbridge

Justice of the Peace, widow of the late Sir Alexander Bustamante, National Hero and former Prime Minister of Jamaica.  Lady Bustamante was born in Ashton, Westmoreland and attended Ashton Primary School in the parish. Lady Bustamante is also the author of Lady Bustamante’s


Roy Rayon, singer

Hazel Monteith, Broadcaster and Human Rights activist, festival song competition winner

 Winthrop Graham, Olympian