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Sports and Entertainment Monuments

This activity includes the commissioning of four statues in honour of outstanding Olympians:

  • Usain Bolt, OJ
  • Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce, CD
  • Veronica Campbell Brown, CD
  • Asafa Powell, CD

The Bolt statue is to be erected by the end of September, 2017. The Fraser Pryce statue is to be erected by end of December, 2017. The Campbell-Brown and Powell statues will be erected in 2018.

It is also proposed to rename institutions in honour of outstanding sprinters:

  • The Penwood Church of Christ Early Childhood Institute to be renamed the Shelly Ann Fraser-       Pryce Infant School
  • Troy Primary School to be renamed the Veronica Campbell-Brown Primary School
  • Proposal to name school for Asafa Powell being finalised