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Ward Theatre Restoration

The Ward Theatre is the largest and most historic theatre in the English-speaking Caribbean. It is also one of the most prominent buildings in historic Downtown Kingston and is famous beyond the Caribbean.

Numerous activities have taken place within the walls and on the stage of the Ward Theatre; from the founding of both political parties, to performances by some of Jamaica’s greatest artists in dance, music and theatre, including our National Hero Marcus Mosiah Garvey.  The National Pantomime began at the Ward and a successful theatre programme for local youths was held during the summer. Through the highest of arts to the most popular Roots plays, the Ward has enthralled all kinds of audiences and has always been at the forefront of Jamaican culture.

The Ward Theatre was given to the people of Kingston by Colonel Ward in 1912 but it belongs to all the people of Jamaica and has functioned as the ‘national theatre’ for hundreds of years. Once the Theatre has been restored it will function as multi-functional venue that serves many different audiences and constituencies in the wider community.