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Trelawny – Tourism

Trelawny is being marketed as a tourist destination alongside the two major tourist centres of Ocho Rios and Montego Bay. There are major resorts in the parish including, Braco Village Resort at Rio Bueno, Pebbles Resort and Starfish Trelawny.  In addition to these traditional tourist attractions, heritage tourism attractions include a museum, historic Georgian structures dating back to the mid 1700s, tea rooms and ginger bread houses, William Knibb Baptist Manse, the Courthouse, St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Good Hope Great House and the Barrett Browning Building.

In the colonial era sugar became ‘King’ in the island’s export-agriculture based economy although there was also significant production of coffee, tobacco, cotton, indigo dye and domestic food crops. Over the last century however, a massive diversification process has been under way.

Jamaica’s most important modern economic activities are tourism, bauxite mining, agriculture and manufacturing.  The country is also one of the world’s major producers of bauxite and alumina, from which aluminum is made.  Limestone, gold, sand, gypsum and marble are other minerals mined in significant quantities.