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Trelawny – Multipurpose Stadium

Multipurpose Stadium
There is a buzz of activity at the Trelawny Multi-Purpose Staduim.  The facility hosted four Cricket World Cup 2007 warm-up matches and was the site for the grand opening ceremony of the tournament. Since then, there has been difficulty in attracting interest in the facility; however in January of this year, the site became the venue for the highly-acclaimed Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival. Now plans are being effected for the University of Technology to use the facility on a continuous basis.

The government has approved the use by UTech of three rooms in the complex for pre-university classes starting in the upcoming school year. This follows negotiations to lease the Stadium for full use. The university has been offered lands adjacent to the stadium on the Florence Hall complex.

The Trelawny Multi-Purpose Complex is managed by Independence Park Limited which also manages the National Stadium Complex and falls under the Ministry of Information, Culture, Youth and Sports. It was built with a US$30 million loan from China.