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Trelawny – Housing & Water


The housing situation in Trelawny is typical of many parishes with both urban and rural locations. The capital, Falmouth, boasts Georgian structures which were in vogue during the period of construction in the early18th century. Several of these structures have fallen into disrepair and plans have been developed to refurbish these structures ensuring that the Georgian architecture is retained.


The water supply in the parish is boosted by Dornoch water supply that came into existence in 1926. In 1927 this was the best water supply in the island. This supplies lowland areas with domestic water and is considered the largest domestic supply outside the Corporate Area. In 1970 the water supply system was revised and wells were dug in the Queen of Spain Valley adding to the supply from the Martha Brae.

Several rivers including the Dornoch River, the Cave River, Quashie River and the Martha Brae contribute to the water supply although for the parish on the whole most of the water is supplied by the National Water Commission.


There are 18 health centres in the parish