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Trelawny – Famous Personalities

Usain Bolt, World’s Fastest Human

Without a doubt, Ambassador the Hon. Usain Bolt is the fastest athlete the world has ever seen. His athletic prowess and world record breaking performances in both the 100 and 200 metres sprints has raised the standard in athletics to a new level, and left the world in awe.

Rt. Hon. Hugh Shearer (May 18, 1923 – July 5, 2004)

Hugh Shearer
A well-known politician.  Was born in Martha Brae on May 18, 1923.  He was a trade unionist and president of the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union.  Upon the death of Sir Donald Sangster in 1967, Mr. Sheaer was appointed Prime Minister of Jamaica.  He was also a member of the Senate, a delegate to several international fora including the UN and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade.  The Jamaican $5,000 note bears his image.  A monument in his honour has been constructed at the National Heroes Park in Kingston.

Professor Rex Nettleford (February 3, 1933 – February 3, 2010)

Professor Rex Nettleford

Rex Nettleford was born on February 3, 1933 in Bunkers Hill, Trelawny.  His life was one of distinction as he was a cultural ambassador, international scholar, dancer, teacher, orator, critic, mentor and national patriot.  He was a Rhodes Scholar, the founder of Trade Union Education Institute at theUniversityCollegeand the National Dance Theatre Company. Among his numerous awards were the Order of Merit (1975) and the Order of the Caribbean Community (2008).

Grace Jackson

Grace Jackson is an Olympic 200 m silver medalist.  She came in second in the 1988 Olympic event in Seoul, Korea.  She has remained active in sports administration.

Veronica Campbell-Brown

Born May 15, 1982, the much-decorated Veronica Campbell-Brown is a five-time Olympic medalist and the second woman to have won two consecutive 200 m Olympic events. She was appointed UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador in 2009.

Rev. William Knibb

William Knibb was a Baptist missionary, who came to Jamaica from England in 1824, and became a well-known abolitionist associated with the end of slavery in Jamaica. He has been credited with the establishment of many Baptist churches in Jamaica. He was posthumously awarded the Order of Merit in Jamaica at the 150th Anniversary of the Abolition of Slavery in 1988.

The Rev. Neville DeSouza

Lord Bishop of Jamaica. He was born in Jackson Town. In September 2000, Bishop DeSouza retired after serving as Diocesan fro 21 years.

Mrs. Greta Fowler

Born in Sportsman Hall, Jackson Town, Trelawny to Mr. & Mrs. Uttenn Todd, Planter and housewife, Greta Fowler was a teacher and was Foundation member of Jamaica Federation of Women, co-founder of the Little Theatre Movement and organizer of Jamaica Pantomime. She was educated at Hampton High School, Harvergal College (Toronto). Fowler dramatized the first Anancy story to be produced on stage in the form of music. She was married to Henry Fowler, founder & headmaster of Priory School & co-founder of Little Theatre movement.

(Women of Distinction in Jamaica by Henry Guy & Lavern Bailey 1978)

Calendar of Annual Events
Hague Agricultural Show.  An agricultural show that showcases agricultural produce and livestock in the parish.

Trelawny Yam Festival includes yam farmer’s competition, culinary competition, Best Dressed Donkey & Goat Competition and live entertainment.