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Trelawny – Climate

Trelawny is located on the north coast of the island and experiences temperatures averaging 79 degrees Fahrenheit with nighttime temperatures ranging from 66 degrees to 78 degrees. Rainfall averages 95 mm.  It rains mostly in February.

The climate is tropical with warm trade winds and northerly winds, which are typical of the northern half of the island.  There are two wet seasons, which run from May to June and September to November.  During the November to March period, cold fronts migrating from North America cause rainfall.

Winds are affected by the Northeast trades combined with the sea breeze resulting in an east northeasterly wind at an average 15 knots.  These are the weakest in November.  Sunshine in these areas is approximately for eight hours daily.  Relative humidity occasions little or no discomfort averaging 84% when temperatures are usually in the mid 70s.