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Trelawny – Caves

A feature of the limestone regions of Trelawny are caves.  These are home to large colonies of bats, which produce cave phosphates.   The caves in Trelawny are also of  great archeological interest.

The largest and more accessible cave is Windsor Great Cave. It can be easily navigated for about a mile (1.6km), but beyond that, an underground stream impedes progress except to experts.  This cave is tunnel-shaped with grottos and vaults, which are adorned with dripstone formations.  The mouth is located at the foot of the upper Cockpit Country near Windsor House 45 km from Montego Bay and 25 km south of Falmouth.

Several other caves are located near Pantrepant and display Taino carvings on their walls.  Another large and beautiful cave can be found in Carambi, in upper Trelawny.  This cave is also known for its phosphate deposits.

In addition to caves, there are several conduits, which are accessible during low water periods.  One of the longest is 15 miles long and can be found near Stewart Town.  Also, there are several interestingly named potholes such as Devil’s Staircase and God’s Well.  There are 48 smaller caves in the parish containing phosphate deposits.