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St. Mary- Overview

Government has approved plans for the Boscobel Greenfield Project to create additional housing solutions in St. Mary. The project will be constructed at a cost of just over $800 million and includes the construction of 99 two-bedroom units and associated infrastructure for 258 lots. It adjoins the Boscobel Brownfield Project of the Housing Agency of Jamaica (HAJ) and is located close to the airport.

Ground was broken earlier for the development of the Boscobel Operation Pride Project in St. Mary, which will involve construction of new roadways, the completion of roads already laid out, and the provision of electricity.
This project will be undertaken as part of the Operation Pride Programme of the Housing Agency of Jamaica Limited. The contract sum is approximately J$20.5 million, and the Housing Agency of Jamaica Limited will provide technical and project management, as well as facilitate the regularisation of tenure. The community comprises 278 lots, of which some 200 are occupied.