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St. Mary-Main Towns

The three main towns in the parish are Port Maria, Oracabessa, and Annotto Bay.

Port Maria
Port Maria is the capital town of the parish. Located on the coast, the town has a good harbor in which lies Cabritta Isle. As the parish capital, the principal buildings are found here.

Oracabessa is located west of Port Maria on the main road leading to the neighbouring parish of St. Ann. The name Oracabessa is thought to have been derived from the Spanish ‘oro de cabeza’ meaning Golden Head. Oracabessa is a farming town.

Annotto Bay
Annotto Bay is a seacoast town on the western side of the mouth of the Wag Water River, one of St. Mary’s many rivers. In its heyday, Annotto Bay boasted a rich sugar estate, Grays Inn, but this sugar factory no longer functions. The rusting smoke stacks that once billowed forth life on this estate now stand idle.


Highgate is a busy, bustling, agricultural and commercial centre.

Formerly known as Meeks Springs, Richmond is a residential and farming area. Here is located Jamaica’s first ‘prison without bars’- Richmond Prison.