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St. Elizabeth- Main Towns

St. Elizabeth has several other towns of some importance. These are Santa Cruz, Malvern, Junction and Balaclava. Other organised towns within the parish are Maggoty, Lacovia, Bull Savanna, Southfield, Newell, New Market, Siloah and Middle Quarters.

Constituencies and Parish Council Divisions

There are four political constituencies with four Members of Parliament, one for each constituency and 14 Parish Council Divisions in St. Elizabeth. These are as follows:

Constituency                          Parish Council Divisions                               MPs

South Eastern  – Myersville, Southfield, Junction, Malvern               Franklyn Witter

South Western- Brompton, Black River, Mountainside and Pedro Plains                             Dr. Christopher Tufton Donald Buchanan

North Eastern  – Balaclava, Siloah, Braes River                      Kern Spencer

Santa Cruz

North Western            – New Market, Ipswitch, Lacovia                   J. C. Hutchinson