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St. Ann – Towns

St. Ann’s Bay

St. Ann’s Bay is the capital and administrative centre of the parish. It was originally called Santa Gloria by Christopher Colombus.


The name is derived from the Taino name  – “Moneague”, which means “Savannah of the monkeys.” Moneague is also famous for its underground lake which surfaces occasionally.

Brown’s Town

Brown’s Town was first known as Hamilton Town after its founder – an Irishman. It is the largest of St. Ann’s rural towns.

Discovery Bay
Once called Horseshoe Bay by Colombus, its name was change to Dry Harbour and, finally, Discovery Bay.
Runaway Bay

Named because Yassi, the last Spanish Governor of Jamaica escaped to Cuba from this point.

Ocho Rios

Meaning eight rivers in English, it is the “Tourist capital” of the parish. The word could also be a corruption of the word “Chorrera” meaning “Spout” and referring to the many waterfalls there. The original name might have been Bay of waterfalls. Ocho Rios started out as a small shipping station moving logwood and sugar.



Constituency                  Parish Council      


St. Ann South                 Moneague             

Eastern                            Bensonton

                                        Beecher Town
St. Ann North                  Exchange             
Eastern                             Ocho Rios
                                         Lime Hall
                                         St. Ann’s Bay
St. Ann North                  Dry Harbour       

Western                           Sturge Town


                                               Brown’s Town

St. Ann South                  Gibraltar             
Western                            Alexandria


Population 146,983

Area 1212.6 sq kilometers