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St. Ann – Rivers

From the many mountains and hills the rivers originate: The White, Great, Dunn’s, Roaring, Cave and Pedro rivers. The rivers often fall down the steep hillside forming pleasant, cooling waterfalls, the more popular being: Dunn’s River Falls, the Llandovery Falls, the Roaring River Falls.

These and other waterfalls cascade over the cliff and edges where the bays dot the coastline: St. Ann’s, Discovery, Runaway and Mammee Bays, being some of the more easily identified.


Publicly accessible bathing beaches in St. Ann are located at: Roxborough, Salem, Discovery Bay, Cardiff Hall, Bengal (lot 17), Dunn’s River, Priory, Sailor’s Hole, Swallow Hole, Puerto Seco, Turtle Beach, Ambiance (formerly Berkley Beach).

Mineral Springs

St. Ann has one mineral spring – at Windsor. The waters of this spring are extremely mineralized and have a very high content of dissolved solids.