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St. Ann – Interesting Place Names


Originally a Scottish place name, it was owned by a Scotsman who built a great house there in the 18th Century.

Black Stonedge
A Scottish place name.


The name originated in southeast Nigeria.

Drax Hall

Named after Charles Drax, a planter who willed the property for the setting up of a free school. It later became Jamaica College and was moved to Hope Road  in Kingston.

Dry Harbour

This spot was the “Puerto Seco” of Christopher Columbus, so-called because there was no fresh water there.

This is an original place name.

Fern Gully

One of Jamaica beauty spots, so named because many ferns grow on the banks of the gorge through which the road winds.

An English place name.

Liberty Hall

Named when the liberty tree was planted there in August 1, 1838 to commemorate the abolition of slavery.


The name originates in Wales. This property once had on it a sugar estate. The Llandovery Falls are also here, famous because they were depicted on Jamaica’s first one-penny stamp.


The name originated from a city in India. It is a reminder that indentured Indians came here in 1845 to replace the freed African slaves.


Presumably named after Penhurst Castle in Kent, England.

Prickly Pole

Named after a kind of palm, the Prickle Pole  palm once grew plentifully.

River  Head

Is said to be so named because it is the head (source) of eight rivers.

Try See

The site of a Free Village and named by former slaves. Try See is part of the phrase: “Try and see what can be”.


The Rt. Excellent Marcus Mosiah Garvey – First National Hero of Jamaica.

Born 1887 in St. Ann’s Bay – died 1940 in England. Became famous and was made a National Hero for his tireless struggle for the betterment of Black people, worldwide.


The Hon. Robert (Bob) Nesta Marley  O.M. (Order of Merit)

A musician who contributed to the world-wide development of reggae music, born at Rhoden Hall, Nine Miles, February 6, 1945 and died May11,1981. 


Dunbar Theophilus Wint

A son of the parish who became famous firstly as a Legislator, and later as a politician.


Aabuthnot Gallimore and Neville Gallimore

A father and son team who became famous as noteworthy politicians. Neville Gallimore (son) is also a medical practitioner.


Dr. Ivan Lloyd

Excelled as a medical doctor and as a politician.


Sir Thomas Roxborough

Became well-known as Custos of the parish.


Colonel Aldington Curphey

Was well known as Custos of the parish and president of the Senate.


Hon. Wills O. Isaacs

Prominent politician.