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Portland – Tourism

The tourism industry continues to be the single most significant sector contributing to Jamaica’s economic growth. New opportunities have been created to reach record levels of visitor’s satisfaction, increased stopover and repeat business.

Tourism also serves as a vehicle for the social upliftment of the Jamaican people. Tourism contributes to social infrastructure, community development projects, community heritage preservation and development projects.   

Jamaica’s tourist industry was born in Port Antonio over a century ago when Captain Lorenzo Dow Baker built the island’s first hotel, the “Queen Anne Titchfield Hotel” in 1891. Tourism continues to be one of Portland’s leading industries.

The famous Boston Jerk Pork has given The Jamaica Tourist Board its foundation for its annual Jerk Festival where over 40,000 people attend in July.

There is also the Annual Busso Festival at Swift River in August. Busso is a mollusk found in the rivers in Portland. Dishes served included Busso soup, Busso patty, Curry Busso, Jerked Busso, Stewed Busso and Busso Punch. The International Marlin Tournament is held in Port Antonio in October each year. These three activities are designed to showcase Portland and to attract tourists to the parish. The Jerk and Busso Festivals are prime examples of community tourism.