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Portland – Agriculture

Portland is known for its vast contribution to the country’s agricultural output and its main areas of contribution are in the cultivation of bananas, coconuts and breadfruits for both the domestic and foreign markets. Most of its coastal strip has been designated as land suitable for cultivation with almost no limitation. No other agricultural land has been attributed with this description in Jamaica. 

The Banana industry has never returned to its original yield of the eighteenth century but this industry still continues to contribute significantly to the country’s total yield per year.

Captain Bligh is credited with introducing breadfruit and Otaheiti apples to Jamaica via Port Antonio in 1793. These were initially introduced to provide food for soldiers, slaves and settlers everywhere. Today, the main crops grown in the parish are coconut, bananas, breadfruit and coffee.

Coffee production has expanded. The aromatic and exquisitely flavoured Blue Mountain Coffee is world famous. The prestige of the brand ensures that it fetches top prices in the world market.