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Kingston & St. Andrew Overview

The second smallest parish in the island, the municipality of Kingston and St. Andrew nevertheless is Jamaica’s capital politically as well as in culture and business.

Located in the south-eastern quarter of the island, the Corporate Area spreads from the Blue Mountain backbone down to the fertile Liguanea Plain before arcing into the Caribbean in the Palisadoes Peninsula. Kingston Harbour, the seventh largest natural harbour in the world and one of the best in the island is protected by this Peninsula.

It is one of the most magnificent locations for a capital city to be found anywhere in the world. It is also one of the most logical for Jamaica.

Jamaica evolved early as an economy heavily dependent on trade and its main port developed around Kingston Harbour. So the island’s commerce centres on the parish.

As commerce developed, other economic activities followed and the momentum of development has put the municipality to a pre-eminent position.

The Corporate Area is now the island’s centre of business and finance, but its inhabitants see themselves as the arbiters of taste, language and culture.  Economically, politically and even demographically, it represents the main focal point of the island.