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The Most. Hon. P.J. Patterson, ON, PC, QC, MP, B.A. (Hon.), LL.B.

P.J. Patterson

March 30, 1992 – March 30, 2006

Jamaica’s most successful politician at national level, breaking the ‘third-term’ barrier. His style of leadership is not to rely on fiery rhetoric, but on fundamental principles of procedure. He has done more than any other political leader to date, to empower his associates and to structure a party committed negotiate peace and settle differences through a reconciling process rather than confrontation. His wide experience at national, regional and international level, as a negotiator, has served him well in office as Prime Minister.

Slim in build, slow of speech, sharp with wit and sure of words. He speaks in measured tones but prudently and perceptively, never missing the essence of issues, and never needing to apologize for statements.

Calabar High School, University College of the West Indies, and London School of Economics, England

He was called to the Bar at Middle Temple in 1963 and later that year admitted to Bar in Jamaica

His long and distinguished political career stretches back formally to 1958 when he joined the People’s National Party. He moved through several levels to be become President in 1992, the year he became Prime Minister. His first Cabinet post was that of Minister of Tourism (1972).
He has since served as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade (1978-80), Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Development Planning and Production (1989-90), and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Planning (1990-91).

BORN:                                                                                                                                                                           April 10, 1935, on Rousseau Road in St. Andrew, Jamaica

Henry Patterson and wife Ina nee James

August 24, 1960 to Shirley Field-Ridley of Guyana (d.1982)

Richard and Sharon