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St. Catherine – Special Attractions and Points of Interest

  • Beaches – Port Henderson, Marine Terminal, Fort Clarence
  • Two Sister Caves
  • Caymanas Bay (Duhaney River)
  • Caymanas Race Track
  • Caymanas Golf and Country Club
  • Serenity Park
  • Longest Tunnel on Jamaica’s Railway Lines- 2194 feet, located near Bog Walk
  • White Marl Museum
    • Built on the site of an old Taino village, this museum is constructed in the style of a Taino Indian Hut. Relics of Taino culture, including Taino burial sites, are on display.
  • Green Bay
    • This former quarantine station is now used by the Jamaican military as a firing range.
  • St. Clair’s Cave
    • One of Jamaica’s more famous caves. St. Clair’s is two miles south of Ewarton, on the western margin of St. Thomas-in-the-Vale. Winding, with a general east to west trend, it is usually dry and accessible.
  • Natural Bridge
    • This is found at Riversdale near Bog Walk. Residents call it the eighth wonder of the world.
  • Jamworld
    • Situated in Portmore, this was once the site for Reggae Sunsplash.  It is the location for Sting – ‘the greatest one-night reggae show on earth’.