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St. Catherine – Quick Facts


  • On the southern coast of Jamaica to west of St. Andrew, east of Clarendon and south of St. Mary and St. Ann.

Political Divisions

  • South-East
  • East- Central
  • South
  • North- West
  • South- West
  • Central
  • West- Central
  • North- East
  • South- Central


  • 1192.4 sq. km. (460.4 sq. miles)

Population Size

  • 499,600 (ESSJ 2010 figure)


  • Housing Units  98,523
  • Dwellings  128,974
  • Households 134,378

(STATIN 2001 Census figures)


  • Spanish Town
  • Spanish Town had its beginnings in 1534 and was built by the Spanish after Sevilla Nueva (New Seville) was abandoned. It was first known as Villa de la Vega, later St. Jago de la Vega and then Spanish Town. The town has the distinction of being the oldest continuously inhabited city in Jamaica. Between 1534 to 1655 it served as the capital of Jamaica under Spanish rule, then later when the English captured the island in 1655, it remained the capital of the island until 1872.  That year Kingston became the capital of Jamaica. Spanish Town has an illustrious past, evidence of which still stands in its many historical buildings.

Main Towns

  • Old Harbour, Linstead, Bog Walk, Ewarton, Portmore

Main River

  • Rio Cobre


Port Esquivel – This first- class deep water pier was created by Alcan Jamaica Limited and given the original Spanish name, that of the first Spanish Governor Juan d’ Esquivel.  Located at Old Harbour, Port Esquivel handles bauxite, petroleum products and domestic cargo. There is also an oil storage facility which supplies the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPSCo.) electricity plant at Old Harbour.


  • There are three privately owned landing strips at Caymanas Estate, Worthy Park Estate and Port Esquivel. (Airports Authority or CAA)

Government Institutions

Hospitals: Spanish Town, Linstead

Educational Institutions

  • Basic Schools – 211
  • Infant – 4
  • Primary – 74
  • All-Age – 13
  • Primary and Junior High – 7
  • Special – 1
  • Technical High – 2
  • Secondary High – 20

(Source : Jamaica School Profiles 2010-2011, MOE)

Training Institutions

  • Portmore H.E.A.R.T Academy
  • Old Harbour HEART Academy
  • Twickenham Park Police Academy
  • G.C Foster Sports College
  • Portmore Community College
  • Hydel University (Private)

Indigenous Flora and Fauna

  • Jamaican Iguana
  • Mountain Bay Plant (Hellshire, Worthy Park Hills)

Main Elevation

  • Mount Diablo (St. Ann/ St. Catherine- 686 m.)