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Westmoreland-Main Towns


The capital town of the parish, this is the centre of commercial activity in Westmoreland.  This chief town is located about 33 miles from Montego Bay.


This famous attraction is located in the west Westmoreland constituency and is a part of the Negril cluster, which includes Negril, Sheffield and Mount Airy.  The most prominent economic activity in Negril is tourism.

Bethel Town

In 1857 a Dorsetshire family bought Bethel Town, then known as Kew Park. The Town was established as a free village in the 19th century. In the mid-nineteenth the property was established as a sugar plantation.  However, with the decline of sugar, the owners turned to citrus and cattle farming.

Seaford Town

Seaford Town is popular for its significant number of German descendants. It is said that the Germans settled in Seaford Town on 500 of partially cleared woodlands in the 18th century. The town was named after the British planter Lord Seaford.

Grange Hill

Grange Hill is a rural town located in the Grange Hill electoral division in the constituency of West Westmoreland. It is a large farming town located in a cluster of communities, namely Mint, Belle Isle, Top Lincoln and Kings Valley.


Bluefields, originally spelt ‘Blewfields’, is one of the towns on the coast and is believed to have been ’Oristan’, one of three towns established by the Spanish after their arrival in 1655. Bluefields was the home of the former Philip Henry Gosse, the renowned naturalist who collected rare plants and animals for dealers in Canada in the early 19th Century.

Bluefields is today a tourist attraction with lengths of white sand public beaches. The Great House still stands, marking the location of the Bluefields estate which years before was the place of residence of several Spaniards.