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St. Thomas- Special Attractions and Points of Interest

Bath Botanical Gardens

Established in 1779 by the Government of Jamaica, these gardens are the second oldest in the Western Hemisphere. Many of the plants first brought to Jamaica were introduced here, including the croton, the jacaranda, cinnamon, mango, jackfruit and breadfruit.

Bath Fountain

Discovered by a runaway slave in 1695. The Bath Fountain (or Mineral Spring) was acquired and developed by the government in 1669.  The water is drawn from both hot and cold springs, and its high mineral content (sulphur and lime) is said to be effective in the treatment of skin diseases, gout and rheumatism.  The use of the spring reached its height about 1750, and led to the establishment of a thriving little town at Bath.

Judgement Cliff

The earthquake of 1692, which destroyed most of Port Royal, literally tore off part of a mountainside in St Thomas. The result is Judgement Cliff, a geological phenomenon easily visible from the road about mid-way between Easington and Richmond Vale. It appears that half of a mountain simply crumbled during that massive quake.


.  Mezzgar’s Run

.  South Haven

.  Rozelle

.  Lyssons

.  Retreat

.  Prospect

.  Rocky Point



Yallahs was chosen as the site of the first Baptist church in Jamaica in 1822. The Rev. Joshua Tinson’s attempt to start the Baptist church was thwarted, however, but he returned in 1828 and succeeded in establishing both a church and school.


This name originated in north-east Wales.

White Horses

Is an area of stunning beauty. This area was named Barreras Blancas or White Barriers by the Spaniards, because of the continuous line of white cliffs along that stretch of coastline. The English named the area White Horses for the same reason.

Sugar Loaf Hill

The Spanish settlers originally named this hill “Punta de los Ananones”.


A place name originating in Bolivia.


An extensive estate originally owned by Colonel Thomas Freeman, the first Speaker of the House of Assembly in the 17th century.


.  Donald Addison Banks, C.D.

Bank Executive

.  Dorothy Casieta Lightbourne. O.J.

Former Attorney General and Minister of Justice

Hon. Charles Lightbourne, O.J.


Hon. Justice Madge Morgan


Former Judge of the Court of Appeal

Hazel Louise Vaz

Retired teacher and Founder, Vaz Preparatory School