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St. Mary-Location and Geography


 North-eastern Jamaica, bordered on the west by St. Ann, on the east by Portland, and on the south by St. Andrew.
 610.5 square km (235.7 square miles)


The average rainfall is 81 inches, ranging from 67.7 inches along the northeast coast to 138.5 inches along the southeast. The effect of rainfall in the north is reduced because of the permeable nature of the limestone rock.


 114,900 (2010 ESSJ 2010)


South Eastern
 Richmond
 Castleton
 Belfield
 Annatto Bay

 Islington
 Port Maria
 Hampstead
 Highgate

 Retreat
 Carron Hall
 Gayle
 Oracabessa
 Boscobel

There is a noticeable difference between the rugged eastern section which has shale rock and an intricate surface drainage pattern, and the western part, which is limestone and has, predominantly, underground rivers.

St. Mary is mostly hilly just under 13 per cent of its area having slopes below 10 degrees. This geological phenomenon is significant because of the effect it has on urban and agricultural development both of which are made more difficult in steeper gradients.

The coastal area of the parish stretches between Palmetto Bay and the White River. Here the vegetation is primarily deciduous.

Principal Rivers:
 Wag Water
 Dry
 Rio Nuevo

 Below 304.8m (1,000 feet) – 290 sq km
 304.8 – 609.60m (1,000 to 2000 feet) – 308.10 sq km
 609.60- 914.40m (2000 to 3000 feet) – 49.21 sq km
 914.40- 1219.20m (3000 to 4000 feet) – 10.36 sq km

Hospitals and Health

 Port Maria Hospital
 Annotto Bay Hospital
 There are also 30 Health Centres